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Ceramic Tile In Bloomington

Why Ceramic Tile Might be the Right Choice for your Next Home Project

As a home owner in Bloomington, CA looking to up-date your floors, you’ll be faced with a number of different materials to choose from. You may have thought about wood or carpet, however, ceramic tile flooring offers far more advantages than either of these choices. What’s more, the applications for ceramic tile go far beyond flooring. Ceramic tile is ideal for shower walls, counters, and many other areas of your home. Here are just some of the benefits to choosing ceramic tile for your next project.

Water and Allergen Resistance

Glazed ceramic tile’s protective coating makes it water and stain resistant. That makes this material ideal for areas where humidity is often present such as bathrooms and kitchens. With a properly glazed tile, there is no risk of mold establishing in these humid areas of your home. If you are an allergy sufferer, ceramic tile can also be exceptionally helpful for reducing the number of allergens in your home. Because glazed ceramic tile is not porous, pollen and other particles do not get trapped in your home.


Ceramic tile can be amazingly durable. Unlike wood flooring where scratching is a frequent concern or carpet which is vulnerable to stains, ceramic tile flooring can last for upwards of 20 years with typical use. Maintaining ceramic tile through your home is also quite easy. Floors simply require regular sweeping and other surfaces can be wiped down with a wet cloth. In the unusual event that your floor does sustain damage, another added benefit to ceramic tile is the capability to repair a small section at a minimal cost.


Ceramic tile comes in a somewhat endless variety of styles, sizes and colors. Tiles of differing shapes and sizes can be used to create unique designs. This allows home owners to create a custom look that is all their own. If you happen prefer the look of wood or stone, but want the advantages of ceramic tile, there even varieties of tile that are designed to look remarkably close to hardwood and natural stone.


Ceramic tile is available in a variety of price points, including many discounted tile options. The professionals at Empire Tile can help you find the perfect tile for your budget and aesthetic. We specialize in providing our customers with quality, affordable tile. Our trained team members are standing by to help you make your next tiling project a success.

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